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Ace can perfectly color match your existing paint color. Bring in a sample, a chip of the paint, any few drops of the original paint you have left, the dry, empty paint can, or anything that has the color you want. We only need about a 1/3 inch piece of it. If you can come up with a piece the size of a dime then that is plenty to work with. It doesn't even have to be paint. We can match the color of your curtain or tablecloth or rug if you can bring in a piece of it.

1) We scan your color sample with our state of the art colorimeter. This photographically reads the various color pigments in your sample and determines exactly what color it is.

2) Our software has a database of millions of colors and hundreds of types of paints. It instantly determines exactly the right amount of colorants to add to the type of paint you want to precisely match the original color. We will also match the surface texture, or sheen, of your paint as well.

3) The dispenser squirts in exactly the right amount of pigment from a selection of 15 different available colors. It follows the forumula determined by the colorimeter and the software down to 384ths of an ounce so that the final blend will be precisely correct.

4) The can of paint containing the mixed colors is then shaken to blend the color together evenly, creating paint that is exactly the same color and type as your original paint.

Have a color card or a color name of a different brand of paint from a different store? Our software can look up millions of colors from other brands and calculate the precise formula for recreating those colors in our own brands.

We also can save your custom colors in our database so we can mix up more of it for you later on when you run out, or need to touch up, or just want to paint another room in the same color.

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