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Did you know ... Tick season is here, and there are more ticks of more dangerous varieties than ever before. There are lots of myths about tick removal going around, most of them are false. In particular, never put anything on the tick to try to make it remove itself. Soaps, hot match heads, plasters, other chemicals, and anything of this sort tend to irritate the tick and make it inject more of its infected saliva into your skin. If left unmolested, the tick will rarely put enough of its saliva inside you to cause a problem.

The best way to remove the tick is to pull it out quickly. You can do this with a pair of tweezers, grasping as close to your skin as possible, and pulling straight out. If the head breaks off don't be too alarmed, The tick's head will die almost instantly and what is left inside you is rarely a source of infection. The head will come out on its own soon as your body heals itself.

And of course, the best method is a Tick Key, which is very simple and easy to use as well as inexpensive. Simply place the hole over the tick, slide the keyhole's narrow slot around the tick, and pull it out in one piece. Stop in your local Ace store today to pick one up!

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